Carter Scott | 1 Year Old

October 13, 2016

I can’t believe I’m so late in posting this…oh well…at least it finally got done! Since I’m so late with it, I’m just going to keep it short and sweet. I would get all gushy, but I’ll save that for a letter to Carter himself. 🙂

Our baby boy turned 1 year old on August 25. We had an amazing celebration for him with friends and family! He sure is one loved little boy!! I’ve shared a recap of this past year so that you can really watch him grow before your eyes! 🙂 For his one year old session, he wouldn’t sit still and let me photograph him without eating crackers, so we went with it! haha!!

Just a few things about Carter as a one year old:

  1. He LOVES LOVES LOVES “moo cows” That kid was born to be on the farm!
  2. He can tell you what a cow, chicken, and horse say
  3. He eats like a teenager most of the time (He will eat me out of the house when he is actually a teenager…)
  4. He can’t go out to Grandpa and Grammy’s without taking a mahindra (gator) ride. He probably thinks it’s his.
  5. I’m pretty sure that his Grandpa Jones is his favorite person in the world right now
  6. He will be my broken bone child… this kid is not afraid of anything and gets more bumps and bruises than he should. I’ve just come to the conclusion that I can’t be his bubble wrap constantly and he’s gotta learn somehow…
  7. He LOVES playing outside.
  8. He can say about 7 words “Da-da”  “momma”  “pa-pa” (grandpa)  “ca-ca” (Bacca, or any other dog he sees lol) “ba” (bite) “peeze” (please) and “uh” (up)
  9. He’s a huge fan of blueberries, cheeto puffs, avocado/guacamole, and Toll House crackers
  10. His favorite TV show right now is Henry Hugglemonster.
  11. Bed time is his favorite. He will grab his blankie and run straight to bed.
  12. He weighs about 22lbs and has 7 teeth

We love you Carter Scott!!! lauren_jones_photography_kansas_city_portrait_photographer_carter_scott_jones_1_year_old_farm_lumberjack_birthday_0073 lauren_jones_photography_kansas_city_portrait_photographer_carter_scott_jones_1_year_old_farm_lumberjack_birthday_0069 lauren_jones_photography_kansas_city_portrait_photographer_carter_scott_jones_1_year_old_farm_lumberjack_birthday_0071 lauren_jones_photography_kansas_city_portrait_photographer_carter_scott_jones_1_year_old_farm_lumberjack_birthday_0070 lauren_jones_photography_kansas_city_portrait_photographer_carter_scott_jones_1_year_old_farm_lumberjack_birthday_0072 lauren_jones_photography_kansas_city_portrait_photographer_carter_scott_jones_1_year_old_farm_lumberjack_birthday_0076 lauren_jones_photography_kansas_city_portrait_photographer_carter_scott_jones_1_year_old_farm_lumberjack_birthday_0077 lauren_jones_photography_kansas_city_portrait_photographer_carter_scott_jones_1_year_old_farm_lumberjack_birthday_0075 lauren_jones_photography_kansas_city_portrait_photographer_carter_scott_jones_1_year_old_farm_lumberjack_birthday_0074

Carter Scott Jones Birth-1 Year

Lauren_Jones_Photography_Kansas City_Wedding_Photographer_0085 Lauren_Jones_Photography_Kansas City_Wedding_Photographer_0077Lauren_Jones_Photography_Kansas City_Wedding_Photographer_0074 Lauren_Jones_Photography_Kansas City_Wedding_Photographer_0083 Lauren_Jones_Photography_Kansas City_Portrait_Photographer_0019 Lauren_Jones_Photography_Kansas City_Portrait_Photographer_0030 Lauren_Jones_Photography_Kansas City_Wedding_Photographer__Carter_6 months old_0003 image Carter8Months-3 Lauren_Jones_Photography_Kansas City_Portrait_Photographer_Carter_Scott_9_Months_0082 Lauren_Jones_Photography_Kansas City_Portrait_Photographer_Carter_Scott_Jones_10 Months_0050 View More:

and Carter at 1 Year!!

lauren_jones_photography_kansas_city_portrait_photographer_carter_scott_jones_one_year_0023 lauren_jones_photography_kansas_city_portrait_photographer_carter_scott_jones_one_year_0022 lauren_jones_photography_kansas_city_portrait_photographer_carter_scott_jones_one_year_0021 lauren_jones_photography_kansas_city_portrait_photographer_carter_scott_jones_one_year_0020 lauren_jones_photography_kansas_city_portrait_photographer_carter_scott_jones_one_year_0019 lauren_jones_photography_kansas_city_portrait_photographer_carter_scott_jones_one_year_0018 lauren_jones_photography_kansas_city_portrait_photographer_carter_scott_jones_one_year_0017

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