Carter Scott | 2.5 Years

February 20, 2018

Carter turned 2.5 years old this month. I had to bribe him with candy to take a couple photos so there’s not a whole lot for this update. It’s so crazy to see how much he has changed in the past year or even in just the past 6 months! This little fireball keeps me on my toes every day. Heck, just the other day, he snuck out the back door while I was feeding Scarlett. He decided he wanted play outside and chase chickens…in the freezing cold…no shoes, no socks, no pants…but he did manage to put on a hat.. this boy…He is full of spunk, attitude, SO MUCH ENERGY and love. He’s very self determined and loves to do things he knows he shouldn’t do (like sneak outside).

Even though some days he pushes to my limits, he still brings me so much joy at the end of those long days when he looks at me and wants me to rock him.

I asked him to smile and this is what I get…he’s such a stinker There. 🙂 That’s better! 

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