Scarlett Frances | 2 Months

February 26, 2018

This little chunky monkey is 2 months old now! Scarlett continues to be such a good baby. We have been so blessed with her. This month’s biggest milestone was that she started smiling and let me tell you, it’s THE BEST. She’s most smiley (yes I’m making that a word) first thing in the morning. She has this huge open mouth smile that makes you laugh. Most mornings I have to tell her to stop smiling and drink her milk. Haha! She’s just the sweetest.

Scarlett had her 2 month doctor appointment last week and had to get her first set of shots and it was just heart breaking. I don’t think I ever got emotional when Carter got his shots, but I definitely teared up and had to hold it together with sis! You have to understand, this girl hardly ever cries. And when she does, it’s not even that much. It’s more of a fussy whine than a cry. She got her shots and she wailed. So much so that she got the hunchies afterwards and it was just the most pitiful heartbreaking cry. She did ok after lots of snuggles and kisses from mommy. 🙂 After her appointment, we took her to her very first farm show. She did so good and seemed entertained by everything that was going on…at least the times that she was awake.

Scarlett weighs 11.2 lbs and is about 21 7/8 inches long now. She’s growing like a weed and has been in 3 month clothes for almost a month now. We just love this baby girl to pieces and think she’s pretty special. 🙂

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