Scarlett Frances | 3 Months

March 20, 2018

Scarlett turned 3 months old yesterday! She’s seriously getting so big way too fast! She weighs a whoppin’ 11.11 lbs. and is about 22” long. She’s had a rough past couple weeks. She got the cold that the family had been passing around and let me tell you, she sounded terrible. At one point she had a 102 temp about 1:00am and we were on the phone with Children’s Mercy trying to figure out what to do. Carter was never sick this young because he wasn’t born right in the middle of flu season. After we got the temp down and took her to the doctor, poor thing had an ear infection on top of the nasty cold. But she’s a tough cookie and made it through that and is back to her normal smiley self. 🙂

Sis is really starting to pay attention to things around her. She loves her Bub and always smiles when he’s talking to her and it just makes my momma heart burst! She loves, loves, loves to have her diaper changed! It’s strange, but she just smiles up and storm and giggles when she is getting a fresh diaper. Speaking of giggling, she isn’t completely laughing yet, but boy she sure tries! I’m ready for it! Her smile is contagious and I’m betting her laugh will be too. Scarlett is obsessed with chewing on her hands. She hasn’t figured out how to get her thumb in her mouth, but she will suck on her palm/wrist all day long…and super loudly too. haha! Paci’s have never been her thing and she still doesn’t like them much.Every once and a while you can get her to take it but most of the time she just prefers her hands. She’s doing really well with holding her head up but is still kind of wobbly. She loves to sleep like her daddy and does so well with naps and sleeping through the night.

I’m so excited for all of the big milestones that are coming up, even though that means she keeps growing!

P.S. We still aren’t too sure who she’s favoring more in her looks. I do know one thing though, this girl has her daddy’s eyes! I told him the other day that it’s kind of creepy sometimes when I look in her eyes, it’s like looking into his (only blue 🙂 ).

We love you pretty girl!

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