Scarlett Frances | 4 Months

May 4, 2018

Little miss turned 4 months old last month while we were on vacation. I’m super late in posting this but oh was bound to happen sooner or later. Scarlett is growing like a weed. Part of me feels like we were just in the hospital yesterday and the other part feels like we’ve had her forever. Maybe that’s because we’ve gotten a pretty good routine down.

Scarlett is still such a good baby. However, she found her voice last month and let me just say…that girl can scream when she’s unhappy! It’s so cute and ear-piercing all at the same time. A few little updates:
– Scarlett is weighing in at 14.1 lbs
– She’s in the 40% for weight, 30% for height, and 70% for her head haha!
– Like I said, she found her voice and will talk at ya forever if you talk back
– This girl LOVES. HER. BROTHER. like…crazy.
– She can finally roll over. You stick her on the floor and 9/10 times she flips right over
– Her favorite things right now are her blankie and her pineapple teether
– She still sleeps like a champ!
– She went on her first vacation to Branson
– Scarlett started solids this month! She loves to eat and LOVES bananas!

We love you baby girl! 

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