Scarlett Frances | 5 Months

May 23, 2018

I think we’ve hit the point where the monthly photo sessions are super quick and not much to them. haha! Little miss is a roly poly and won’t lay still anymore so this is as good as it’s going to get this month! There’s not a whole lot to report as far as milestones and I’m ok with that. Carter was crawling at 5 months and Scarlett just doesn’t seem to have anywhere she needs to go which is just fine because I’m not sure I’m ready to have another baby walking at 9 months…she still hasn’t figured out how to roll back over from her belly. She will flip right over and then get super mad. Hopefully she will figure it out by the next update. 🙂

I think most days she would prefer to eat real food vs. her bottle.

She is still sleeping like a champ and rockin’ those baby blues and the fat rolls on her legs are almost too much to handle.

Scarlett is a favorite with the boys and my best girl.

Sis, we love you so…

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