Scarlett Frances | 6 Months

June 30, 2018

She’s half a year already…oh my goodness…I can’t believe that it’s already been that long. She keeps getting more and more fun, but I sure do miss those fresh baby days. Scarlett is still the sweetest little thing. If you haven’t watched her on Instagram by now, you really should hop on, follow me, and watch the kids! You would think that I would have a big update for her being 6 months old but I really don’t…

– She STILL can’t figure out how to roll back over when she gets on her belly. She will flip right over when you lay her on her back but then she just gets mad and yells at you until you pick her up. She has no desire to figure out how to roll back over. I really think we may just skip that part…

-We are still using (and loving) the DockATot. The one we have says up to 8 months (I’m not sure they know how chunky the little miss is HAHA!). She does sleep in her crib, in the DockATot, only because she doesn’t know how to roll back over. We don’t want to be getting up throughout the night when she’s tired of sleeping on her belly.

-Speaking of chunky…Scarlett was 60% for weight, 30% height, and 70% head at her last check up. So she’s a little above average with those chunky thighs (Side story: if you follow on Insta, you heard me talking about the Bass Pro lady a couple months ago. Well today, there were 2 elderly ladies in front of us that saw her, started giggling and talking to each other. Well I heard them saying “look at her big legs!”. When we got closer, they were just admiring?? Is that even what they were doing?  anyway, they were smiling and giggling and said “you’ve got a fat baby!” YES! They called her FAT! I laughed and said “yes I do! She’s got some chunky thighs!” haha! So that makes 3 old (elderly?) ladies that have just blurted out that my baby is big. lol  I mean, baby girl, at least you are so beautiful and young while you are “fat”! Mommy loves your chunky chunks!)

-She loves food. (obviously 🙂 ) but sometimes she would still prefer a bottle.

-Still no teeth but this girl is drooling ALL THE TIME and chews on EVERYTHING.

-Scarlett LOVES her walker. It really didn’t take but a day for her to figure it out and now she zooms around the house like a pro while dribbling slobber everywhere.

-I definitely want to remember and I need to put it in her baby book, that she does this wrinkle nose thing sometimes. One night I actually got her to imitate me doing it and ever since then Seth has been adamant he’s going to get her to do it with him lol. She scrunches up her nose and sniffs and giggles and it’s the cutest thing ever!

Happy half birthday pretty girl!  I didn’t get one of these for 5 months (the only one we’ve skipped) and barely got it for 6 months. Even though it was crazy hard to do because, well, he is my son and he’s super stubborn, I managed to get a halfway in focus one of the two of them. 🙂 I really don’t know how many more months I’ll be able to talk them into doing this lol

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