Scarlett Frances | 9 Months

September 21, 2018

We definitely skipped the 8 month post because I took her 8 month photos about halfway through the month. BUT I managed to get her 9 month session done only a day late. 🙂 So here’s what sis has been up to this month:

– She’s full time crawling now.

– Scarlett pulls up to everything and everyone

– She’s going up stairs, and really fast!

– Sis is officially done with baby food. Although if she doesn’t get some teeth soon, her options for real food are going to be slim.

– She loves to talk and play with her bubba. They are so goofy together.

– Still chunky (we love it) but apparently she’s average at 18.6lbs. Officially in most 12 month clothes now. Her height however is going to run in the family since she’s hovering around the 30th percentile.

-Scarlett is still super sweet and loving. She’s turning into a momma’s girl although she runs for the door when her daddy comes home. 🙂

Officially outside as long as she was inside! We love you baby girl!

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