Scarlett Frances | Newborn

January 6, 2018

I’d like everyone to meet the newest addition to our family, Scarlett Frances Jones! 🙂 She arrived December 19th weighing a whopping 8.6lbs! Scarlett is the only name that we could agree on and I’m glad we did because now that she’s here, it definitely fits her. I’ve always loved southern names and threw out names like Georgia, Caroline, Norah, etc. but when I finally said Scarlett, Seth decided he would “consider” it…I think it stuck. haha! Frances was my grandma’s middle name. After she passed, I knew I wanted to carry on her name and give it to my daughter (I was hoping I would have one someday!). If you followed our pregnancy journey (read about it here), you know that we had quite the journey with this little one. We were hoping for a vbac, but our plan wasn’t what God had in mind and she was delivered via c-section. I will say that this time around was such a better experience than we had with our son (his was an emergency so it was pretty hectic). I remember laying on the table, staring at the lights, just trying not to think about what was happening behind the curtain, trying to keep my sanity as I questioned weather or not I could stay awake for the surgery. Seth was at my head talking to me to distract me. The bed was shaking a lot for about 10 min and then there was soooo much pressure on my chest. It literally felt like I had elephant pushing on me and I couldn’t breathe. Apparently she was up there pretty far and they were trying to push her down and out. It seemed like that pressure lasted forever but with a couple pushes, the doctor said “wow! look at those cheeks!” and then the most beautiful little cry. Finally she was here and all of the stress and anxiety was gone. They held her over the curtain so thatI could see her and then Seth stood with her while she was measured and weighed. She had the chubbiest cheeks and a head full of hair!

So far, Scarlett has been the best baby. It’s amazing how your children can be so completely different. She’s so opposite from Carter and it has thrown us for some loops but we are slowly figuring her out. She loves to cuddle, is a great sleeper (she goes about 4ish hours at night in between feedings *insert hallelujah chorus*), she isn’t a huge fan of the paci (which is just fine because she really doesn’t fuss too much), and has her daddy wrapped around her finger. 🙂 We are still trying to figure out who she looks like though. When Carter came out, he was a spitting image of his daddy, but this little girl must have features from both of us because we can’t figure out. But we know one thing, she sure is beautiful!!

We are so thankful for everyone’s prayers for us and thankful that God gave us this amazing baby girl!

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